It’s less than one week till the election and about 20% of people across San Mateo County have voted, including me!

It was a surreal experience to vote for myself but also pretty amazing. It is a testament to the support I have received that I’m on there and have a chance at being the new Trustee for the South San Francisco Unified School District!

I attended the district’s Community Forum a couple of weeks ago to learn more about the facilities needs of the district. We have made as many investments as we can using our operating maintenance budget but some of the work that needs to be done really will require major capital outlays. That’s one reason Measure T is so important.

I have heard from many residents that they worry about Measure T because of Measure J. I’m not here to explain away Measure J because I wasn’t here then, but I can only say that it’s a different board, a different superintendent and a different time in South San Francisco’s history.

I genuinely love holding myself and others accountable to the work we say we’re going to do, and making sure our investments in our school facilities are done right is important to me.

I hope you’ll trust me to see these investments through in a responsible and reliable way. So get out there – there’s still 6 more days to vote!